Essay about Time Management Is It Into My Schedule, By Louis E. Boone

1240 Words Jun 20th, 2016 null Page
“I am definitely going to take a course on time management… Just as soon as I can work it into my schedule,” Louis E. Boone. Does this sound like you or some people you know? Many people tend to put things off to the side including myself. A few tasks may come up and choices will need to be made whether or not to do them or complete them. It is very easy to put things off to save them for another day. Time management requires not only how to use time effectively but setting priorities of goals, making goal setting, taking control of given time and a positive attitude. The mood of the person is in direct relation with procrastination and time management.
Setting priorities are part of time management and a skill to be learned. Often setting priorities is ignored. Many people would not set their priorities in order from greatest importance to lowest due to lack of knowledge. The question people should have is how do we set priorities from greater importance to what is not important. Most people believe they are immortal, and…have [plenty of] time to waste, (Peters 1993). Planning for an emergency is normally not part of anyone’s daily planning but if someone suddenly got hurt and need to go to the hospital this would suddenly become the new priority (Peters 1993). Going to the hospital would or should be the greatest priority to prevent death or permanent injury (assuming there is no zombie apocalypse and you are getting chased by running zombies, in this case save yourself…

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