Essay on Time Out : Is Not A Solution

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Time-Out” is Not a Solution
Over the years the “time-out” disciplinary technique has become the most popular strategy to manage child’s misbehavior. The effectiveness of this method is not usually questioned by parents because the technique is commonly suggested by family doctors and the variety of advisors in parenting classes for safe and effective use. “Time-out” disciplinary method is generally used to deal with the misbehavior by sending a child to a boring environment where a little “rules-breaker” can think about misbehavior and calm down. The strategy is aimed to cause unpleasant emotional feelings and physical discomfort to the child, thus it has all aspects of punishment. Punishment is an irrevocable collapse of parenting ability to teach a child good versus bad without emotionally abusing a little one. The “time-out” discipline method is ineffective and harmful approach to the child’s misbehavior.
“Time-out” approach sits on the same shelf as yelling or spanking. The idea is to hurt child enough to stop misbehavior. Since yelling and spanking are considered as a rough conduct of dealing with a problem by some parents, the” isolation” technique feels like a gentle, non-abusive way to deal with the child’s misbehavior. “Discipline is about teaching – not about punishment – and finding ways to teach children appropriate behavior is essential for healthy development” (Siegel, Bryson “Time-outs”, par. 2). The abusive character of “time-out” is accepted by some…

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