Time Starts Now Essay

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Time Starts Now
7:00 AM
“Hello, Joe....Jamie here”, a petrified voice shot out of the receiver.
“Dude, just chill!” , 17 year old Joe replied agitatedly as he was now wide awake hearing the urgency in his brother’s voice.
“So how are you doing?”, Joe asked Jamie casually.
“No time for that baby brother. Listen to me carefully.”
“Aw shucks......Stop your big brother lecturing, Jamie. You know how much I hate.....”
“Joe. Please. I want you to get out of NY and head straight for the Grand Canyon. Right now. In two hours time.”
“You’re joking”, the angry blue eyed youth protested.
“You’re time starts now.”
And the line went dead...

A flaxen haired youth with earphones dangling from his curls got out of his waterfront villa. It
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“God!”, groaned Joe, “Have mercy!”
Deftly the impulsive youth swerved and zigzagged through the vehicles approaching him like an army. Brakes squealed and horns blasted at the crazy driver in the Alfa Romeo. But Joe was determined. Half an hour ticked past. It was lucky the cops didn’t get to him but he needed to be careful now or he’d land up in jail or be trampled into mincemeat by other vehicles.
“Jamie”, he thought, “I’m coming. Another 350 km to go.”

Joe was so overwhelmed in his mission that he hardly noticed the blare of sirens behind him.
“Gosh!”, he swore under his breath, “Now this is going to get ugly” and slammed his foot down on the accelerator in rage. The next half an hour was a blur. Hair streaming all over his eyes and sweat trickling under his sweatshirt, even though the A.C. was doing its best, Joe could never remember what stunts he’d tried that day. He was jolted, swirled by other drivers and he surely must have spun a 360 at least thrice but he thanked his lucky stars that he was alive in one piece and that his beloved car was still surging ahead, although he hated to know its present condition.

The sirens now had died away. The clock showed 8:15am. Not good. The impetuous teen had just come out of the city. Ahead lay the deadly, rocky terrain of the Grand Canyon. Even Hummers couldn’t do that landscape, forget a battered convertible. The only option Joe had was to sprint. Even as he got out, he wondered why he was up to such

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