Time Travel Is A Terrifying Weapon Essay example

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As Alex Scarrow said, “Time travel is a terrifying weapon, far more powerful than anything ever conceived, mankind just is not ready for that kind of knowledge. We are like children playing with an atom bomb”.

Time travel gives humans power that they are incapable of handling. We often take aspects that have the chance to be used for goodness and use them to benefit our selfish desires.
Time travel also puts people in a supernatural place of authority. Not to mention the unintended consequences and horrible outcomes that have been previously depicted of time travel. It could also prevent people from coming to terms with death. If time travel were to be invented, the effects upon humanity would be astronomical because we are just finite beings attempting to involve ourselves in something far too vast for our minds.

Time travel is ruinous because it has the power to change the future as shown in, A
Sound of Thunder. They abused the chance to time travel by using its possibilities to play God.
They knew the ramifications that going back to the past would present, but they still chose to go.
Consequently, they made a decision that would impact humanity negatively for the whole of time. Playing with a science when so little was known about it, caused them to alter the past and change the future. Human nature, in itself, is to consider yourself first, the well-being of others later. In this case they choose themselves over humankind. If you have access to a machine…

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