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Cause of Nothing Turning Out Good
What causes kids to start doing drugs? Why do something so horrible? A lot of things probably lead to kids doing drugs, such as a bad divorce of their parents, hanging out with a bad group of friends, or some other type of horrible cause that happens within their life.
Most kids start off doing drugs because of the friends they’re hanging out with such as if you’re hanging out with a friend and they’re like, “Hey man just try this it won’t hurt you”, so you feel pressured into doing those drugs. You think it makes you look cool or makes you fit in with the crowd when really you look like an idiot and should be saying no to the drugs.
Another reason why kids start drugs is because the parents go through
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When all they need is some attention or maybe just someone to show they care about them. Kids keep doing these drugs because maybe they’re getting love at home or there depressed. Whatever the situation, they need someone to show them that they’re there to help them through the hard times. They’re losing loved ones because of some silly situation or some horrify tragedy when in reality they just want someone there.
Being able to pass a drug test for a job is a huge thing. Most jobs make you take a drug test before you can’t start their jobs; if you can’t pass the screening test then what else are you going to do. What must you do now? What are you going to do with yourself? You need to clean yourself up and do better then maybe the next time around you can show them you’ve done good and changed for the better.
Losing family members and friends can take a big toll on people. Losing a loved one is never good. Doing drugs can make people not want to be around you or make them discussed with you. Most don’t want to help you because you don’t want to help yourself. What you need to do is show them you want to change and do it.
Lastly, you could end up dying from these horrible substances because they have such horrible chemicals that your body can only take so much of before it shuts down. Your body doesn’t like the things that you’re putting into it so it reacts in

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