What Is Mind Mapping? Essay

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What is mind mapping? It is very easy to become overwhelmed with all the information around us in today’s day and age. The minute we wake up our mind is already performing mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how to get all the tasks done. Even with all this meteoric advancement in communication through other dispensable forms linking and absorbing information. Productivity should be sky-high with the immense amount of resources. However that is not the case when we are supposed to manage the bombardment of information thrown at us. Yet rest assure there are ways to take hold of our lives. The secret lies in simple yet effective tools such as mind mapping that can apply to your professional and daily life.

A mind map is a visual diagram used to structure, organize, retain, and arrange information in a very particular way. This term was coined by a popular psychology author and television personality, Tony Buzan (Formen, 2015). It is on the verge of becoming the mainstream tool that allows academic students and professionals to tackle the overwhelming amounts of information we absorb. It provides the universal key that will unlock the potential of brain.

The Laws of Mind Mapping

It is a rather simple process once the basic structure has been understood. Personally, I believe that this process does not require a lot of step-by-step explanation.

Here are some guidelines that will help you understand how to draw a mind map.

• Firstly start off by placing a large…

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