Essay on What Is Time Management?

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Steve Jobs once said “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve encountered to help make the big choices in life.” This may seem a little extreme, however, keeping this in the back of one’s head will serve as a reminder that time management is more than just a phrase thrown around to describe a seemingly unattainable trait. Managing time is an integral part of living a fulfilling life for everyone, particularly U.S. Navy personnel. Junior officers in the Navy need to figure out how to adequately manage their time because proper time management results in a more efficient force. For JO’s to overcome the problem of poor time management, it’s necessary to understand what time management is & isn’t, then determine how much time they actually have at their disposal every day, and decide how to make the most of all this time.
What is time management? Misra & McKean (2000) conducted a study on 249 university undergraduates on the relationships between academic stress, anxiety, time management, and leisure satisfaction. In the study, they provided their own definition of time management: “The concept of time management is generally defined in terms of clusters of behavior that are deemed to facilitate productivity and alleviate stress” (as cited in Lay & Schouwenburg, 1993). It was discovered that the better a student was able to practice time management, the less likely the student was to experience physical and psychological stress. It is…

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