Why I Am Managing My Time Management Essay

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Discussion Question #4 After taking the time management survey offered by Mind Tools (2016a), I was able to see that I am presently managing my time very effectively; however, there are a few areas in which I can make improvements. The first area in which I should make adjustments is prioritization. What this quiz helped me realize is that while I always make “to-do” lists, I do not organize the order of tasks that I aim to complete by importance or priority. Often times when I have a long list of tasks needing to be accomplished, I will start first on the items that are easier to take on or do not require as much effort, even though they are nonessential or not time-sensitive. In doing so, I am wasting time on low-impact activities and am putting off working on major projects or activities that require more thought and preparation until the last minute.
Therefore, in order to make improvements in my time management skills, each week I will implement the use of a prioritization task list, assigning each task on my to-do list a priority category from A (important and urgent) to F (unimportant and not urgent) according to the Eisenhower Principle (Mind Tools, 2016c). According to Bast (2016), using this principle helps students work smarter, not harder, by redirecting one’s focus from urgent, non-important tasks to important, non-urgent tasks (Bast, 2016). This is considered a SMART goal because it is specific in that it clearly identifies the action I need to take in order…

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