Zero Time Organization Essay

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Zero Time Organization:
Changing How Businesses and Consumers Interact In the Technology Age

Zero Time Organization:
Changing How Businesses and Consumers Interact In the Technology Age
Our world is changing in drastic ways and companies are starting to address these changes in ways that were previously unthinkable. While many companies are falling behind the time, due to being mired in old methods, other companies are stepping up to embrace new technology and new business models. One of the predominant new business models available is zero time organization. Using this model, a company is able to surpass the competition and distinguish itself by building value with their customers.
Zero Time Organization Defined
Zero Time
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Many companies in today’s society use the internet to meet these principles. One of the original companies to use zero time was Dell Computers. Dell will be used to illustrate how a company uses each of the principles to meet their customer needs in “real-time”.
History Leading to Zero Time The origin of zero time can be seen in the history of manufacturing. Modern manufacturing began when Honoré Blanc developed interchangeable parts in 1788. This idea was brought to the United States in 1798 by Eli Whitney (Briggs, 2014) and it changed the manufacturing world. Workers left their home and began to work long shifts in large plants to produce goods for consumers. In the early 1900’s, Henry Ford began to use these parts in the production of his cars, using assembly lines, repetitive motion and division of tasks among employees. (Briggs, 2014) By the 1960s, the car industry further developed manufacturing by developing a concept called Lean Manufacturing. This concept was originally used in the Toyota Motor Corporation to reduce overstock by selling products shortly after manufacture, reducing storage costs, and creating the capability to meet customer demand in a timely manner. They mainly used machines, because there was no need to stop production for

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