Essay on Analysis of a Conservative Mind by Russel Kirk

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Russel Kirk was one of the main contributors to American intellectual conservatism. His work of 1953 is considered to be Kirk’s magnum opus. Author begins his book with the core ideas, which, he believes, appear to be essential for conservatism. What must be mentioned, however, is that Kirk does not provides a list of these six rules, which, according to him, arise to be dogmas of Anglo-American conservatism, but, rather, he proposes six characteristics that belong to a true conservative mind.
First and foremost, Kirk asserts that universe if guided by a transcendent rule or body of natural law, that rules people s conscience and society in general. Moreover, similar to the Plato’s idea about moral truth, Kirk claims that such truth
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As Burke served Britain right before and during French revolution, he seemed reform as a necessity; however, such reform must be cautious and reasonable. In that respect, Burke was literally horrified of what have happened to the continent after 1789 and with his work “Reflections” alerted British people, that the thirst for “liberty, quality and brotherhood” must be extinguished, for if not, destruction will overwhelm England. It must also be mentioned, that Burke was a man of concrete and reality – thus, he did not accepted philosophes, which produced the Reign of Terror. In his response to Bentham and Rousseau, Burke stated that we search for our moral principles through revelation and intuition rather than through speculations of philosophes. With the arrival of the WWI and Russian Revolution, Kirk states that classical liberals of Burke’s time, like Acton, were proven wrong in their criticism towards Burke, and his “overreaction” to the French Revolution. Even though being a man, who despised metaphysics in its root, Burke claimed that if we want to know the state, we must first know that man is a spiritual being, which means that religion is essential for conservatism. According to Kirk, divine providence was essential to Burke, and he believed, that we are either sinful creatures, made by God but

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