How to Control Time in the Workplace Essay

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One of the key challenges Henry Mintzberg presents of traditional management is for managers to be able to control their time. Since managers have numerous roles, they have to be able to manage their time. For example, a manager could free up some time for more important tasks by delegating other tasks to different employees. A manager is also “challenged to gain control of his or her own time by turning obligations into advantages and by turning those things he or she wishes to do into obligations” (Mintzberg 1990). Mintzberg is showing that managers have many obligations, and these obligations can either lead to failure or success. For example, if a manger tries to perform every task and obligation without delegating it to other …show more content…
Ford adapted scientific management principles by setting strict rules in the workplace. These strict rules helped him control every portion of the assembly line because workers were not allowed any freedom to deviate from their assigned task. He also controlled workers by the speed of the assembly line. For example, if Ford wanted his workers to speed up and increase production, he would increase the speed of the assembly line. If a worker was not able to keep up, he would fire them and replace them with someone else. One consequence was that the work was monotonous and did not allow for any creativity or individualism. The control the assembly line gave Ford is widely used in contemporary companies. For example, McDonalds uses an assembly line for cooking and making the food and regulate how everything is supposed to be made. Another way Ford controlled his employees was by banning unions. This allowed Ford to change working conditions, pay, length of work, and other work related factors without any input from his employees. Ford also used a plant protection service, which was created to watch workers to make sure that they did not try to join a union. When a worker did try to join a union, he would fire them. Another way that he used scientific management principles is by raising the wages of employees to five dollars a day. This represents scientific management because Taylor believed that one goal of management is to raise dividends and have higher

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