Inside the Mind of a Victorian Policeman Essay

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Devoid of the Domestic: Inside the Mind of a Victorian Policeman

“For many early Victorians, policing was a new and low-status occupation. Few men became policeman for positive reasons" (Taylor 49).

Construction of the Typical Police Officer

Several criteria apply to the Victorian police officer:

* Policemen were typically involved in trade and were part of the lower middle class

o “In Staffordshire, miners, shoemakers, brickmakers, moulders, puddlers, potters, engine drivers and even a printer joined the force” (Taylor 48). o The occupational background of the police officer, while quite diverse, composed of a large portion of agricultural laborers (48). This is due to industrialization and
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Professional appearance gave the policeman power.

* Among other things, the police officer “never laughs” (Bradburry online). The lack of humor encompasses many police officer characteristics:

o The policeman is meant to be taken seriously, to be feared by the innocent and criminally inclined alike o By lacking a sense of humor the Victorian police officer is able to acquire ‘alms’ from those in fear or need (Bradburry online). The policeman is all about business.

* While the “model policeman” does exist, the typical policeman upheld no such code.

o One observer notes a policeman’s apathy to duty: “Instead of looking forward to his turn of duty as a matter of toil and unrest, it must be that he sighs for it as his hour of loving colloquy and pleasant food” (“A Letter” online). o Victorian policemen more frequently used their patrol time as one of feast and gossip

Cause and Effect in the Policeman’s Life
The Victorian police officer, being single, lacks what is so requisite of Victorian society—domestic influence. Their occupation is one, if not the only one, during Victorian England that takes precedence over the private sphere. This anomaly isolates the police officer from England’s social sphere since the policeman’s

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