Mind and Body Essay

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“A strong body makes the mind strong,” a statement once made by Thomas Jefferson regarding the character of man, speaks volumes of the nature of humans to grow and learn. Humans present a compelling species to study, as society continues to hone in on the items that empower humans to become bigger, stronger, and more intelligent. Many areas have been covered regarding a human’s ability to learn recently, but in many recent studies, one find’s evidence relating to the connection of the mind and body in programming a person to be optimal at learning. Through studies, one can conclude that learning occurs more effectively when a person’s physiological health is enhanced, as the physiological attributes can influence emotional health, as …show more content…
Recent figures put the rate of homes with children at twenty percent for having new food insecurity (Coleman-Jensen and Nord, 2013). “For all children whose families experienced food insecurity between kindergarten and third grade, test-measured reading growth was not as great as that of children from food secure households,” (Bomer and Maloch, 2013). The figure may be underwhelming when taking total population into account; however, this is a large group of children who underperform in school because nutritional health is deprived. The problem lies in the fact that the connection of mind and body also transfers to other areas like reading, where these students will perform poorly.
On the other hand, access to medical care, specifically dental care in children has a direct correlation in the ability to learn. Studies show that 41% of children from age 2-11 do not have adequate dental care, making dental decay the second largest chronic disease among children (Bomer and Maloch, 2013). While the connection of dental care may not initially be understood, one must understand that many things require action of the mouth such as speech and eating, not to mention, the physical attribute teeth cast upon a person. When the teeth become infected, they can really impair a person without access to a dentist. “Symptoms from an oral infection may cause them to have poorer attendance at school and

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