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Déjà vu; what if Déjà vu is a result of time travel? Could that strong sensation of having an event or experience currently happening feel like it has already been experienced in the past a form of time travel? Time travel is a phenomenon thought by most to be impossible. Is it logically possible to have experience an event in your life before it even happened, like déjà vu? There are many theories surrounding this topic and surrounding these theories are a number of faults. Time travel for ages has been the plot to many science fiction movies. Movies like “The Time Travelers Wife” which illustrates the life of a man who involuntarily travels through time. Yet are these movies conceptually plausible? According to these time travel …show more content…
He then travels back to the present, where he is wounded and eventually dies in the arms of Alba and Clare. How can these events Henry time travels to affect his present self? He is capable of bringing wounds and injuries through time with him? Additionally, due to the future versions of Henry traveling to his younger self, Henry accumulates a set of survival skills which, as aforementioned, he gained from future Henry. Another interesting scene, is when Clare, Henrys Wife, and Henry first meet, according to his sequence of events. Future Henry has been time traveling back to Clare’s childhood and adolescence since she was six years old, developing a close relationship over the years, present Clare has always known who Henry was. Yet, once their timelines naturally converge in the library, Clare recognizes Henry, as a result of her prior engagements with future Henry, whereas Henry has no reconciliation of Clare. Another important scene, is when Clare and Henry have trouble bringing a pregnancy to full term. This is due to the genetic anomaly Henry is presumably passing on to the fetus. However, after several miscarriages, Henry gets a vasectomy. Nevertheless, a past version of Henry visits Clare, which subsequently results in another pregnancy. Clare carries this pregnancy full term, until she gives birth their daughter, Alba. Wouldn’t this mean Henry is changing events in time through time travel?
Alba is also a

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