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According to Newstorm, “Supervision is working with and through others to accomplish established goals.” A supervisor is generally a type of manager, which plans, organize, and direct resources to accomplish a goal. The Taft Hartley Act of 1947 and Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 are the two laws that clearly defines a supervisor (Newstorm).
Although management can be perceived as a career to strive for, it’s not for everyone. To become a good manager, a person must have the skill set that includes the following: administrative, planning, communications, and interpersonal skills (Newstorm). Amongst planning skills, time management is a valuable skill to have.
Time management is not only important to supervisors or managers, but it is
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Time management is actually a part of the basic skill sets that a supervisor should have. Why the need for more focus on time management? Although there is basic time management skills, people still encounter time-related problems such as planning fallacies, time slack, and interruptions that all takes up time. In “An Issue of Public Affairs Management: The Effect of Time Slack and Need for Cognition on Prediction of Task Completion,” Baiyun states: Planning fallacies occur in all types of human activities…Behind this phenomenon there were people’s abilities to hold two seemingly contradictory beliefs: although people were aware that most their previous predictions were overly optimistic, they believed that their new forecasts were realistic…The assumption was that people (a) failed to remember that in the past they have been interrupted by surprises, (b) did not remember all the subcomponents of a task when planning, (c) were overly narrow in their focus on the task and or (d) disregarded memories of how long similar tasks have taken in the past.
One reason planning fallacies still occur today is probably due to top-down managing. Top-down management is more of an overall management style rather than detailed oriented. This type of management allows for smaller tasks to be overlooked and not compensated for. A great time management solution for this would be segmentation,

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