Time to Rebuild Iraq Essay

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Time to Rebuild Iraq

For nearly thirty years, the people of Iraq have been brutalized under the sadistic dictator style rule of Saddam Hussein. The land previously known as Mesopotamia is rich with a surplus of highly demanded oil. This, which should serve as a very beneficial asset to the country, has proven to serve as quite the opposite for the history of Iraq. In fact, recent history shows that the supply of resources has caused much self-inflicted turmoil for Saddam and his land. With regard to the current war against the U.S., the oil may serve as the greatest way for the rebuilding of Iraq as promised by President Bush. Before the word "reconstruction" can be considered we must stay hot on the tracks of Saddam Hussein and
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This eliminates a lot of less important details on why it is that we are in Iraq to the present day. A lot of other points are opinion and morally based, but the following three reasons serve as the basis for our involvement. During Desert Storm, it was noted that Saddam was using illegal weapons such as the scud missile, which are illegal due to the firing range that they have the capability to strike from. These missiles, amongst many other weapons of mass destruction, were ordered to be destroyed after a peace agreement was reached. As we are now aware, the weapons were not destroyed, giving us our first reason to attack Iraq. Next, we have plenty of evidence that Saddam has brutalized the citizens of Iraq since his rule began in nineteen fifty-eight. (World Regional Geography, Global Patterns, Local Lives Second Edition. Freeman Publishing) The physical and psychological abuse has provided us with many terrible tales of violence, torture, even rape that has stemmed from the land of Iraq. The abuse provides us with our second reason for the attacks as given by the president. Lastly, Iraq is known to have a stockpile of both chemical and biological weapons. This serves as a severe source of danger for all the countries of the world, not just the U.S. or Iraq's neighbors, thus giving us the last of the three reasons the president provided us with as to why he deemed it necessary to invade Iraq in March of two thousand and

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