Why Student Athletes Struggle with Time Management Essay

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Why Student Athletes Struggle with Time Management

Entering class Monday morning from a fun weekend, with a mindset that all is ok, I excitingly take a seat then, reality hits when my teacher utters “will you please hand in your research papers.” Your first thought is oh my how did I forget, and, before you know it, your grade takes a hit for the worst. This situation is common amongst freshman, student athletes; not only is a paper due, but they also have to make up a test, due to a traveling game a week ago. Time management has become more and more important with student athletes, who are required to do more than regular students. A statement from the online journal Athletic Insight argues, “recent evidence suggests that athletes
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Classes in college, or in my case seems like jail, half of the time I’m totally confused on the subject being taught or just zoned out, trying to catch up on some rest that I lost the night before. Managing time seems almost impossible, when considering the different things expected of student athletes. On the athletic side of things, our sport programs try to aid in helping us stay on track and stay up to date in the classroom, but it seems as it just isn’t enough. In the article “Time Management Tips for College Athletes” Smith states that, “It can be difficult for any college student to organize their time, but when you are a student athlete you have even more commitments than your peers” (Smith 2). This suggests the time athletes may have to complete work at times just isn’t enough. Although separate hours to study are allotted to athletes and tutors are available, more needs to be done. Considering that college athletes represents the NCAA, the NCAA should make provisions in order to better accommodate student athletes academically. This would help student athletes manage their time better, being that they don’t have to fit certain things required of them in such a short time frame. Some students feel the affect of poor time management by actually being suspended from competing in college athletics, since they are not able to maintain a certain grade point average. In some cases this may serve as a blow to ones athletic program, and

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