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what does AMMRL stands for

Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List

What is SECA?

Support Equipment Controlling Authority

Who prepares IMRL'S?

Cognizant SECA

Who is responsible for printing and distributing IMRL and IMRL products to activities?


Who approves IMRL?

Cognizant SECA'S

How often is IMRL printed and issued?


What tool serves as allowance and inventory management list for SE end items?


What is the primary function of tailoring?

To eliminate or reduce SE quantities, supporting a mix of weapons systems or components

How many sections are contained in IMRL?


What is the purpose of employment data?

To provide the activity with a list of employment data used to create the IMRL

What is the purpose of the change list?

To keep a listing of all the changes to an activities IMRL that has occurred since the previous printing of IMRL

What is listed in the Main Body of the IMRL?

All the items that are allowed for the applicable activity and shows the authorized allowance quantity for each item allowed.

What does the IMRL activity inventory record list?

All the items that are held in inventory at the applicable on the date the section is prepared.

What is a monthly change noticed that is prepared and issued for each IMRL activity ?

CAS Cumulative Allowance Supplement

What is the form for IMRL revision?

NAVAIR 13650 slash 1 found in the LAMS

IMRL instruction?


How often is IMRL review?

Minimum annually

Three types of transaction reported by IMRL?

Addition/increase, deletion, change in condition

IMRL revision are initiated by

Holding activity

Annual inventory is done anytime during the year at the discretion of the?


Surveys for most IMRL items must be approved by the?


Who will appoint the IMRL manager?

Maintenance Officer

Designed to ensure activity has designated SE


SE encompasses both shop installed SE or uninstalled SE

SE encompasses both shop installed SE or uninstalled SE

SE issue allowance based on?


SE will not be transferred NRFI without?

Cognizant activity SECA approval

What program provides the data requires for effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft Maintenance?

AMMRL program

What category of armament support Equipment provides direct support to the aircraft?


What is a consolidated list of aeronautical material tailored to ships to support aircraft flight operations?


What code identifies and designates supply management over items of SE?


How many positions does CAGE code have?

5 alphanumeric positions

What custody code is assigned to an item that weighs over 2000 pounds?


What is custody code E used for?

Items that are used infrequently

What is custody code L used for?

Items that require calibration

What is custody code M used for?

Items that requires the assistance of calibrated items

How many positions does a NIIN contain?


How many positions does NSN contain?


What is the FSC?

The first 4 positions in the NSN

What do the first two digits represent in the FSC?

The commodity group

What do the last two digits represents in the FSC?

The class within the commodity group

What are the two types of SE?

Common and peculiar (avionic and non-avionic)

How many sections does IMRL contain?


What form is used to submit an IMRL revision request?

NAVAIR 13650/1

How many parts does the SM&R code contain?


What positions in the NSN represent the national codification bureau code?

5 and 6

What positions in the NSN represent the NIIN?


What positions in the NSN represent the National Item Identification Serial Number or the NICN?


AAI on IMRL listing

AMMRL Activity identifier

What is OPTAR funding used for

Funds given to perform assigned task and functions

What is NAVSUP form 306

Controlled equipage custody record

DD form 200

Financial liability investigation of property loss. Survey