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Why is Parsons arrested?
his daughter reports him
The Inner Party accounts for how much of the population?
The Proletariat accounts for how much of population?
What is Crimestop?
a kind of protective stupidity
Who is Comrade Oglivy?
a historical figure fabricated by Winston
What happened to Winston’s wife Katharine?
Winston doesn’t know for sure
Where does Julia work?
the Ministry of Truth and the Fiction Department
Why is Syme arrested?
he lacks discretion
What image is shown at the end of the Two Minutes Hate?
Big Brother
What will the Party do once it has “cured” Winston?
shoot him
What luxury item is Julia able to smuggle out?
real chocolate, real coffee, and real sugar
What is hidden behind the framed picture in Winston’s secret apartment?
a telescreen
Where does outdated or illegal printed material go?
the memory hole
What is the name of the country once known as England?
Airstrip One
What is the “decisive act” that marks Winston as a traitor?
writing in his diary
What are the mandatory morning exercises called?
the Physical Jerks
What group are young children encouraged to join?
the Spies and the Junior Anti-Sex League
What is the popular slang for a rocket bomb?
What does Winston buy on his second visit to the antique shop?
a paperweight
What is Winston’s last memory of his mother?
running away from her after stealing a piece of chocolate
What most impresses Winston about O’Brien’s apartment?
he can turn off his telescreen
Where is Winston given a copy of Goldstein’s book?
at a Hate Week rally
According to O’Brien, where does reality exist?
the human mind
According to O’Brien, what is the object of power?
Where does Winston encounter rats?
room 101, his dreams, and the apartment above the antique shop