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What is the occupation of the novel’s narrator, Frederic Henry?
an ambulance driver for the Italian army during World War I
Who is Frederic’s roommate?
Rinaldi, an Italian surgeon
What is the nationality of Catherine Barkley?
What beloved person has Catherine lost to the war?
Her fiancé
When does Frederic Henry realize that he is in love with Catherine?
When he sees her in the hospital after he has been injured
When Henry is nearly healed from his leg injury, what illness does he suddenly suffer from?
Upon returning to duty at the front after his hospital stay in Milan, who is the first person Henry talks to?
the major
What disease does Rinaldi fear he has contracted?
During the retreat, which of Henry’s drivers shoots the fleeing engineer to death for refusing to help Henry’s men dislodge their vehicle from the mud?
Henry is captured during the retreat by a group of Italian battle police. Who are these battle police executing, primarily?
Italian officers who are separated from their troops
After Henry escapes from the battle police, what does he decide to do?
Desert the army forever and find Catherine
What is Helen Ferguson’s reaction to seeing Henry in Stresa?
She is angry with him
Who gives Catherine and Henry a boat to help them leave Italy?
Emilio, the bartender
After living for some months in Switzerland, what does Catherine ask Henry to do?
Grow a beard
Whom does Catherine want with her as she is dying?
only Henry