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What event is Theseus preparing for at the beginning of the play?
He is preparing for his wedding to Hippolyta
Whom does Hermia’s father want her to marry?
Which of the amateur actors volunteers to play almost every role in “Pyramus and Thisby”?
What is the subject of Oberon’s disagreement with Titania?
Oberon wants custody of a mortal boy whom Titania is raising
How does Demetrius learn of Hermia’s plan to elope with Lysander?
Helena tells him
What does Demetrius threaten to do if Helena will not stop following him in the woods?
He threatens to hit her
What is the source of the love potion that, when placed on the eyes of a sleeper, causes her to fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking?
It is the juice of a particular kind of flower
Which group of characters is, at some point in the play, under the spell of the love potion?
Titania, Demetrius, Lysander
Why is Helena so upset when both Lysander and Demetrius try to woo her?
Because she thinks they are mocking her
Which of Helena’s features does Hermia express jealousy of?
Her height
What is Puck’s attitude when observing the chaos he has created among Demetrius, Lysander, Helena and Hermia?
He finds it all very entertaining
How does Bottom react to Titania’s declarations of love?
He accepts them graciously, and doesn’t seem surprised
What theory does Theseus offer as to why the four young Athenians are all asleep in the woods on the morning of his wedding?
He supposes that they went out early to celebrate the rites of May
How many marriages have taken place by the end of the play?
Why do Titania and Oberon visit the Duke’s house in the nighttime?
To bless the newly married couples