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How does Jarvis Lorry know Lucie Manette?
He works as a banker for her bank
What are the two cities referred to in the title?
London and Paris
How many criminal trials does Charles Darnay face in the novel?
What is Sydney Carton’s nickname?
The Jackal
Lucie hears a recurring sound when she is in her home. What does she hear?
What is the generic name by which the Revolutionaries refer to one another?
How does Monsieur Defarge know Dr. Manette?
Monsieur Defarge worked for Dr. Manette
How does Sydney Carton die?
He assumes Charles Darnay’s identity and is executed as Darnay
Who is John Barsad?
Miss Pross’s brother, Solomon
How does Lucie try to see Charles when he is imprisoned?
She stands on the street corner outside of his prison window
What is Jerry Cruncher’s nighttime hobby?
Mugging people
What does Gaspard use to write on the wall?
Who calls Lucie Manette “my Ladybird?”
Miss Pross
Which of these characters is an ardent Revolutionary?
Madame Defarge
Why does Madame Defarge hate Charles Darnay?
She believes his relatives killed her brother
Why does the mob kill Foulon?
He told starving people to eat grass
Why does Darnay initially leave France to go to England?
He is trying to distance himself from his father and uncle
What led to Dr. Manette’s imprisonment?
He knew a secret about the Marquis Evrémonde
Why is Charles Darnay acquitted of treason when put on trial in England?
His physical resemblance to Sydney Carton
Which two men share an uncanny physical resemblance?
Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton