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substance administered for the diagnosis, cure, treatment or relief of a symtom or for prevention of disease
same as medication- but also refers to illicitly obtained substance
written direction for the preparation and administration of a drug
Trade (brand) name
given by the drug manufacture and identifies it as property of that company
Generic Name
name used by the drug's lifetime
Official Name
name which drug is listed in official publications
Chemical name
name by which a chemist knows it
describes the cinstituents of the drug precisely
study of the effect of drugs on living organisms
prepares, makes, and dispenses drugs as ordered
5 Legal Aspects of Administering Medications
nursing practice acts,
recognize limits of own knowledge and skill,
responsibilty for actions,
question any order that appears unreasonable,
refuse to give the medication until the order is clarified
5 part of Controlled Substances Administration
kept under lock,
special inventory forms,
documentation requirements,
counts of controlled substances,
procedures for discarding