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What sport did Biff play in high school?
Who was the salesman who inspired Willy?
How did Willy’s brother Ben make his fortune?
Diamonds in Africa
What product did Willy’s father make and sell?
What gift did Willy give The Woman?
What does Happy do for a living?
He is an assistant to an assistant
Why is Biff unable to keep a job?
He steals
What does Willy ask the waiter when he leaves the restaurant?
Where he can buy seeds
Why does Willy borrow money from Charley right before he kills himself?
To pay his insurance premium
How does Biff know Bill Oliver?
He worked for him when he was a kid
What physical prop is evidence of Willy’s intention to kill himself?
A gun
What does Bernard do as a grown-up?
He’s a lawyer
Who is Jenny?
Charley’s secretary
What type of car does Willy first praise then scorn?
What does Willy tell the boys to steal from an apartment construction project?
Whom does Willy call his only friend?
Where do the Lomans live?
Why does Willy think that his kids have a good chance at success?
They are well-liked
Who defends Willy’s suicide at his funeral?
Why is Linda concerned about a young Biff near the beginning of the play?
He is rough with the neighborhood girls