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When was Grendel published?
What work is Grendel closely based upon?
Who is narrating Grendel's story?
Which animal causes Grendel to have what he thinks is an epiphany?
A bull
Why does Grendel fail to communicate with the first humans he meets?
The humans can't understand his speech
What disability does the Shaper have?
He is blind
What tool does the Shaper when creating his works of art?
Who does the Shaper's account imply that Grendel is descended from?
How do people react when Grendel enters Hrothgar's village?
Grendel is violently driven away
What does the dragon's voice remind Grendel of?
An old, old man
What does the dragon guard?
What "charm" has the dragon placed on Grendel?
Grendel cannot be harmed by weapons
What happens when Unferth follows Grendels back to his cave?
Grendel carries Unferth back Hrothar's meadhall
Who is the young king that threatens Hrothgar's power in Chapter 7?
What gift is given to Hrothgar to stop him from attacking the young king?
A bride
Who is the mentor of the teenage prince in this chapter?
What does this mentor call "monstrously evil"?
All forms of government
What does Grendel ask the priest he encounters at night to explain?
The priest's views on The King of the Gods
What does Grendel do when the other group of priests arrive?
Address them as if he were god
What animal does Grendel kill in this chapter?
A goat
Which human character dies in this chapter?
The Shaper
How do the group of strangers arrive in this chapter?
They sail in from the sea
How does Grendel feel about the leader of the strangers?
He is dangerous
What does the stranger do to Grendel that makes the creature run away?
Rips off his arm
Who does Grendel say is watching him die?
The animals