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Who initially offers to tell the author a story that will make him believe in God?
Mr. Adirubasamy
As an adult, where does Pi live?
What is the profession of Pi’s father?
What is Pi’s full first name?
Which of the following religions does Pi not practice?
Which of the following groups of people does Pi describe as his “brothers and sisters of a different faith”?
How does Pi’s father demonstrate the dangerous nature of the Bengal tiger?
By feeding a live goat to a tiger
Which animal do both the atheist Mr. Kumar and the Muslim Mr. Kumar find awe-inspiring?
The Grant’s zebra
Why does Pi’s father decide to move the family to Canada?
He does not like the political situation in India
What kind of animal is Pi’s daughter holding when the author meets her?
A cat
Which animal is not on the lifeboat with Pi?
A panther
Orange Juice floats up to Pi’s lifeboat on a raft made of what?
What happens to the castaway who attempts to eat Pi?
He is killed by Richard Parker
What precious food does Pi find on the island that helps him recover his strength?
Why does Pi tell the officials from the Japanese Ministry of Transport a second version of his story?
Because they do not believe the first version