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Who calls the boys by blowing the conch shell at the beginning of the novel?
Jack says that the choir boys will form what kind of group?
A group of hunters
Which boy wants to be part of the expedition to determine whether they are on an island but is not allowed to come?
Who shares his meat from the first kill with Piggy?
Where does Percival say the beast comes from?
The sea
Who leads the way at the rock “castle”?
What does Ralph daydream about as the boys depart from the “castle”?
Cleanliness and his home
Who assures Ralph that he will return to civilization?
What do the boys mistakenly believe to be the beast?
The dead soldier in the parachute
What is Jack’s second kill?
A sow nursing its young
What part of the kill does Jack leave for the “beast”?
The head
The Lord of the Flies speaks to which boy?
Why do the boys kill Simon?
They are in a bloody frenzy from chanting, dancing, and fright
What does Jack’s tribe steal from Piggy?
His glasses
How does Piggy die?
A boulder, released by Roger, knocks him off of a cliff
Why do Sam and Eric join Jack’s tribe?
They are tied up and threatened with torture
How does Jack’s tribe chase Ralph out of his first place of hiding?
What weapon does Roger carry at the end of the novel?
A spear with two sharp ends
What draws the Navy ship to the island?
The forest fire
For whom does Ralph cry at the end of the novel?