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Which of the following is NOT an early sign of pregnancy?
Urinary retention
Quickening (patient's initial perception of fetal movement) is generally first felt by how many weeks of gestation?
20 weeks
A positive pregnancy test may be associated with
All of the above (spontaneous abortion, intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, trophoblastic disease)
Congestion and a bluish color of the vagina is called
Chadwick sign
A softening of the cervix on physical examination is referred to as
Hegar sign
Fetal heart tones in a normal, viable pregnancy may routinely be heard by simple auscultation at or beyond how many week' gestational age?
18 to 20 weeks
Commonly used electronic Doppler devices will detect fetal heart tones at approximately how many weeks of gestation?
12 weeks
Most urine pregnancy tests typically become positive approximately how many weeks following the first day of the last normal menstrual period?
4 weeks
A serum progesterone level of >25 ng/mL is usually consistent with
viable intrauterine pregnancy
Intrauterine pregnancy is generally detectable by transvaginal ultrasonography when the beta-human chorionic gonadotropin concentration is greater than
1,000 to 2,000 mIU/mL
Which of the following tests is done as part of routine prenatal care?
All of the above (blood group/Rh, antibody screen, complete blood count)
In approximately what percent of pregnant women is rubella titer positive?
Specific screening for treponema is required following a positive
rapid plasma reagin
Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein testing is best done at
15 to 18 weeks
"Normal" pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period with a margin of error of how many weeks?
2 weeks
The fertilization age or conception age is how many weeks less than the menstrual or gestational age?
2 weeks
Data from wheich of the following is NOT used in the final determination of the expected date of delivery?
Maternal alpha-protein level
In a normal singleton pregnancy, from approximately 16 to 18 weeks' gestation until approximately 36 weeks' gestation, the fundal height in centimeters is roughly equal to
the number of weeks' gestational age
The generally prescribed recommendation for weight gain during pregnancy is
25 to 35 pounds
Which of the following is a direct result of "lightening"?
Decreased fundal height
A cephalic presentation occurs in what percentage of deliveries?
A breech presentation occurs in what percentage of deliveries?
A shoulder presentation occurs in what percentage of deliveries?
Estimation of gestational age by ultrasound is least accurate at which of the following times during pregnancy?
36 to 38 weeks
The normal fetal heart rate at term is
120 to 160
A reactive nonstress test is characterized by a fetal heart rate increase of how many beats per minute?
15 beats per minute
Which of the following statements correctly describes an abnormal contraction stress test?
Fetal heart rate decreases in response to a uterine contraction
The number of contractions in a 10-minute window that must occur for a contraction stress test to be measurable is
3 contractions
A biophysical profile in which there is one or more episodes of fetal breathing in 30 minutes, three or more descrete movements in 30 minutes, opening/closing of the fetal hand, a nonreactive nonstress test, and no pockets of amniotic fluid greater than 1 cm would have a total score of
Exclusive of the fetal heart rate reactivity, which of the following elements of the biophysical profile is generally considered most important?
Qualitative amniotic fluid volume
Repetitive deceleratioins following each contraction when three contractions occur in a 10-minute window is generally an indication of
nonreassuring fetal status
Further evaluation of fetal well-being should follow which answer to the question, "Is your baby moving more, less, or the same this week compared to last week"?
moving less
Tests of fetal lung maturity are generally used when delivery of a fetus is contemplated at a gestational age of less than how many weeks?
36 weeks
At how many weeks' gestatinoal age does phospholipid production increase, resulting in a positive phosphatidylglycerol test?
32 to 33 weeks
What percent of correctly performed positive tests of fetal lung maturity are associated with a subsequent development of respiratory distress syndrome?
Which of the following activities is CONTRAINDICATED during pregnancy?
Supine exercises
During a normal pregnancy, the patient should be encouraged to engage in non-weight-bearing activity at what interval?
Three times a week
Which of the following information is NOT included in antepartum infant feeding (breast feeding, bottle feeding) counseling?
Breast feeding is inferior in nutritional value to other methods
Which of the following is NOT included in the list of "high risk" situations for which sexual activity is generally proscribed?
Uterine leiomyoma
"Physiologic" constipation in pregnancy is NOT associated with
decreased blood flow to the gut
Which of the following statements about low back pain in pregnancy is INCORRECT?
Platform shoes can readjust the center of gravity reducing the severity of low back pain
In pregnancy, psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid is useful in the management of
Because of the posistion of the fetus, round ligament pain is often more pronounced
on the right side
The neonatal mortality rate is
the number of neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births
The maternal mortality rate is
the number of deaths in pregnant women per 100,000 live births
PRF (pregnancy risk factor) A suggests that the risk of fetal harm is
PRF (pregnancy risk factor) B indicates that human controlled studies
do not exist
PRF (pregnancy risk factor) C means that
the drug should only be given if the potential benefits outweigh the risks
PRF (pregnancy risk factor) D suggests what type of evidence exists for human fetal risk?
Positive evidence for human fetal risk
PRF X carries what important clinical implication?
Animal-reproduction and human studies demonstrate fetal abnormalities such that the risk of use of drugs in this PRF in pregnant women clearly outweighs any possible benefit
Factors to be considered in the selection of medications during pregnancy include
all of the above (whether the drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, drug interactions, physiologic parameters such as renal or hepatic function)
Which pregnancy risk factor category is characterized by the presence of human studies hwere there is no demonstrable fetal risk during pregnancy?