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In what era does Of Mice and Men take place?
The Great Depression
What animal does Lennie fantasize about taking care of?
What is Lennie’s favorite thing to do?
Stroke soft things
What does Candy worry most about?
That he will be fired from the ranch for being useless
What does Curley’s wife dream about becoming?
A movie star
Which character is the only one that really understands the bond between George and Lennie?
What moral lesson did George learn from his past experience with Lennie?
It is wrong to take advantage of the weak
Why does Carlson want to shoot Candy’s dog?
The dog is old, has no use on the ranch, and smells
Where do George and Lennie agree to meet in case one of them gets into trouble?
In a clearing by a pond
What is Suzy’s place?
A whorehouse
What does the farm dreamed of by George and Lennie symbolize?
What is the weakness exhibited by Candy?
He is old and has only one hand
What opens George’s mind to having Candy join him and Lennie on their farm?
Candy agrees to give money for a down payment
Why did George and Lennie get run out of town from their last job?
Lennie was accused of rape
What was described in the clearing at the end of the story that was not present in the clearing at the beginning of the story?
A heron
Where does George tell Lennie to look before he shoots him?
Across the river
Who are the two characters that express interest in joining George and Lennie on their farm?
Candy and Crooks
Whose gun does George take to shoot Lennie?
How long have George and Lennie been friends?
Since childhood
What are all of the other workers doing while Lennie kills Curley’s wife?
Playing horseshoes