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To whom does Huck entrust his fortune when Pap arrives?
Judge Thatcher
What prompts Pap to finally steal Huck away?
The Widow offends his sense of paternity
How does Huck escape Pap’s cabin?
He saws through the wall
What trick does Tom play on Jim in the beginning of the novel?
Tom hangs Jim’s hat on a branch while Jim sleeps
Where does Huck first see Pap?
In his own room
How does Huck learn that Jim is wanted for Huck’s murder?
A woman in town
What brings bad luck for Jim and Huck on Jackson Island?
Huck handles a snakeskin
What causes Jim and Huck to miss Cairo?
Whose body does Jim find in the house on the river?
How does the king make money at the revival in town?
He says he is a pirate who has converted and is going back to the Indian Ocean to convert other pirates
What show do the duke and the king perform in Bricksville that makes them a lot of money?
The Royal Nonesuch
Who is the first man to suspect that the king and the duke are not the Wilks brothers?
Dr. Robinson
Where does Huck hide the Wilks’ gold?
In the coffin
What does the king say is tattooed on Peter Wilks’ chest?
An arrow
Who sells Jim back into slavery?
The king
Who does Aunt Sally think Huck is?
Tom Sawyer
Who does Tom claim to be when he arrives at the farm?
Who gets shot during Jim’s escape?
Who praises Jim upon his return to the Phelps farm?
The doctor
Who wants to adopt Huck at the end of the novel?
Aunt Sally