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What name does Anne give her diary?
In what country was Anne born?
Which member of her family does Anne feel the closest to?
Her father
Who receives the call-up notice from the Gestapo which necessitates the Franks’ going into hiding earlier than planned?
When do the van Daans join the Franks in the annex?
July 1942
Which member of the staff of Mr. Frank’s business is unaware of those hiding in the annex at first, but later becomes one of their helpers?
Mr. Voskuijl
Who becomes anxious because her boyfriend is being sent to a work in Germany for the Nazis?
During her two years in hiding, how often does Anne step outside?
Which member of the annex residents does Anne often describe as “pedantic”?
Mr. Dussel
How does Mr. Frank feel about Anne and Peter becoming romantically involved?
He does not approve because of the close quarters they must all share.
Which member of the annex residents does Anne often describe as being a “coquette,” or flirt?
Mrs. van Daan
What does Anne dream of doing if she survives the war?
Being a homemaker
Who betrayed the Franks and the others hiding in the annex to the Nazis?
It is not known
Who is the only member of the group in hiding to survive the war?
Otto Frank
Which two people gather the pages of Anne’s diary for safekeeping after the residents of the annex are arrested?
Bep Voskuijl and Miep Gies