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At the end of the novel, what age is Scout?
How does the jury vote in the trial of Tom Robinson?
Who loses a house to a fire in Maycomb?
Miss Maudie
Who decides that Bob Ewell died by accident?
Heck Tate
What is "Boo" Radley's real first name?
Who edits the newspaper?
Mr. Underwood
What is the first present found in the knothole?
Chewing gum
What is Mr. Raymond really drinking?
Who was the person who originally founded Finch's Landing?
Simon Finch
What is the reason behind Atticus' admiration of Mrs. Dubose?
Her courage
Where did Scout's teacher learn her techniques?
Who is the US President during the story's time period?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
During the school year, where is Dill living?
Meridian, Mississippi
Who tells the children that killing a mockingbird is a sin?
Who beat Mayella Ewell and bruised her face?
Bob Ewell
How old is Jem when the novel begins?
What do the children learn about Atticus that surprises them?
He shoots better than anyone in the county
Where are the presents Boo leaves for the children?
In a knothole
Who fixes Jem's pants?
Boo Radley
What does Scout do wrong on Christmas Eve?